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Works with a future have foundations in the past.

The foundations of Oliveiras, S.A. are based on solid decades of experience and knowledge, dating back to the year the company was born: 1981. This year, the so-called Oliveiras, Lda., supported by the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of the owners, the dedication of its employees and the cooperation of suppliers, took the first steps towards steady and consistent growth.

Thanks to its deep and resistant roots, Oliveiras, S.A. he faces any challenges with the serenity and confidence and smoothness that are only available to the most experienced. These qualities have also been, over the years, a decisive argument in the creation of partnerships and synergies with other companies and/or public entities.

Oliveiras, S.A. he surrenders himself to the present with his entire body, with his gaze projected to the future and the past in his mind. From the combination of progress and consummate values, the work is born.


More than two hundred employees, divided into their respective areas, contribute daily with their commitment, dedication and competence to the success of Oliveiras, S.A. and for creating added value for everyone involved.

The company's technical staff, present in the various departments of the company, ensures compliance with the legislative, technical and regulatory requirements applicable to the sector. Work supervision, carried out by a group of employees, mostly senior and widely experienced, ensures the proper execution of the work and compliance with the technical specifications and established deadlines. This entire team also relies on the different administrative areas of the company and on-site workers who do their best to complete each project.

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OLIVEIRAS S.A. Santo Antão, Apartado 108 2440-901 Batalha PORTUGAL

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Resources Humans

The company currently has the collaboration of:

  • 230 workers;
  • A management body of 11 employees;
  • And a technical staff of 26 professionals, responsible for supervising the work.

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Strategy /Mission

Oliveiras, S.A. assumes a long-term strategic policy that allows it to achieve differentiating competitive advantages, unique quality in services, economic and financial solidity and the creation of added value for the community.

This set of characteristics, combined with flexibility, proactivity and responsiveness to constant changes in the market, translates into the company's reference position in the sector.

These are the foundations that support all the activity of Oliveiras, S.A. and its mission – Build works with a future.

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Group Olive trees

grupo gestoliva

Gestoliva Imobiliária, S.A.
Company linked to the group's construction projects and real estate developments, responsible for the dynamics of buying and selling properties, as well as promoting them in the real estate market and among potential clients. One of the outstanding works was the Garden's Prestige.

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Oliveiras, S.A. – Engineering and Construction
At the origin of the Oliveiras Group, OLIVEIRAS S.A - Engenharia e Construção is the company around which the most diverse activities in the areas of construction and public works are developed. The company has the capacity to develop projects from scratch, from the design of technical specialties to the execution of the work (until its completion).

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Oliveiras – Participações e Investimentos SGPS, S.A.
Holding company created with the aim of managing the companies belonging to the OLIVEIRAS Group, enhancing its capital structure and managing partnerships with other companies linked to its activities.

Alternative resolution of Consumption conflicts

Pursuant to Law No. 144/2015, of September 8, it is hereby informed that, in the event of a dispute relating to the supply of goods or provision of services, the consumer (individual when acting for purposes that do not fall within the scope of the your commercial, industrial, artisanal or professional activity) may resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity, indicating the following competent entity for this purpose:

  • CNIACC - National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes
  • Tel.: 213 847 484
  • Email: cniacc@unl.pt
  • More information at Consumer Portal www.consumidor.pt
  • Batalha, 01 March 2016