Reporting Channel

Channel Denunciations

Confident in who we are and in all the employees that make up our business core, we intend to develop leaders of excellence with distinctive skills, who are characterized by the practice of actions that prioritize the prohibition, prevention and classification of risks that may jeopardize the performance of the company.

In this sense, the company Oliveiras, S.A., developed a reporting channel, which makes it possible to communicate actions related to corruption, as well as the practice of any other act that goes against the Code of Conduct.

Thus, the company Oliveiras, S.A. establishes a procedure that determines the mode of communication, control and follow-up of complaints in the corporate and organizational structure, with a view to avoiding any act of corruption or related infraction, guaranteeing the total anonymity of the whistleblower.

Ensuring the best functioning of the entire company, ensuring compliance with all regulations, reducing the impact of risks and situations of corruption is the main focus of the company Oliveiras, S.A.

If you become aware of the practice of any illegal act that goes against our company's Code of Ethics, use one of our reporting channels.

The company Oliveiras, S.A. guarantees compliance with all steps of following up the complaint and your total anonymity, acting in good faith, through the processing of personal data, conservation of complaints, prohibition of retaliation and support measures.

If you want to make a complaint, click “here” (open email with denuncias@oliveiras.pt as addressee).